Urbex — One Photo — One Story

Photograph an Urbex location it's like writing a lot of sentences that in the end will talk and tell its life and its essence.

Here we are not in street photography where the moment is history and it will never happen again, princely masters of this kind of photography have sculpted those moments with indelible and unrepeatable shots which by themselves are a tale.
The other landscape, as Ilike to call it, or Urbex is there immobile, it gives itself continuosly and, very often, offers to you all the time and all the light to write with calm and meditation all the sentences you want.

However may occur, for different reasons, that this doesn't happen and then what to do?
Try to imagine being in front of a moment, albeit immobile, align eyes and sensations as if everything were to disappear and never repeat itself, sculpt the essence of the place and write one sentences, only one sentences that can translate in a story.

  • Villa B.

    Villa B.

  • The little chapel

    The little chapel

  • The little castle

    The little castle

  • The room of the mud

    The mud room

  • The Altar

    The Altar

  • The Car

    the car

  • The Mill

    The Mill

  • The Window

    The Window

  • The Train Station

    The Train Station